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Here are the topics you will find in the Tutorial:


Using the ARCHIVE Page

Archive listings

This page is available to you after you have logged in. After the auction has ended you may delete the listing on the AUCTIONS page, which eliminates the listing from your account. Or, you may send the listing to the ARCHIVE page by clicking the ARCHIVE button or selecting several and clicking the ARCHIVE SELECTED choice in the ACTIONS dropdown. A listing on the ARCHIVE page has a number of functions and buttons that appear.


  • VIEW button allows you to see the eBay auction page.

  • RESPONSE shows you the bid response our system got when your bid was submitted, and is only available for a few days.

  • NOTE allows you to enter or change notes on the listing.

  • DELETE button eliminates the listing.

Listings are deleted automatically after 90 days. Shortly before they are automatically deleted, a 'trash can' icon appears on the listing. At the bottom of your list of archived bids is a DOWNLOAD button. To save your bidding data to your computer in .csv format, just click the DOWNLOAD button.

Other functions on this page are the same as on the AUCTIONS page.

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