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Bid responses

The auction has ended with an ERROR response

Frequently, the ERROR response means your bid was delivered normally, but there was a problem with your bid once it arrived at the auction site. It could mean there was a problem with your account or the auction listing. Click the RESPONSE button for details.

The auction has ended with a PASSWORD response

Bidnapper sends the PASSWORD response when there is a problem with the bidding account login. The login must match the auction site's login, both username and password. This is a separate login from your Bidnapper login. If you have changed your auction site's login lately, you need to change your bidding account login to match it. To make a change to your bidding account login, log into Bidnapper, then go to MY ACCOUNT>SETTINGS>MANAGE LOGINS Use the EDIT LOGIN button on the bidding acccount listing to update your login. There is a VERIFY button on the listing to check that your login is correct and working.

The auction has ended with a BLOCKED response

The 'blocked' response means that either the seller has prohibited you from bidding on his auctions, or eBay has prevented you from bidding. Many times the seller does not ship to where you are, and your bid will be blocked. Or, the seller requires you to have a Paypal account and have it `linked` to your eBay account. If you don`t, your bid will be blocked. There are other reasons too. Check your account with eBay to be sure you don't have any overdue charges, and that you are in good standing with them. Then, if you have a history with this seller, you may want to contact him to see the reason your bid was blocked. Click the RESPONSE link on the bid listing to see how the auction site responded when we delivered your bid.

The auction has ended with a LATE response

This means your bid arrived after the auction ended. This happens infrequently, but it is a fact of sniping. It may have been a momentary slowdown somewhere between our servers and the auction site. Or, there may have been a problem on on the auction site itself. eBay sometimes posts information on their status board when they have had a problem. Many times they do not, but you may check it HERE. If this happens often, you may want to reset the bidding interval. The default bidding interval is 4 to 5 seconds before the end of the auction. Make this adjustment by going to MY ACCOUNT>SETTINGS>PREFERENCES.

The auction has ended with a RESERVE response

That means the reserve was not met, as is indicated on the auction page. If your bid had met or exceeded the reserve, the auction site would have raised it to that level when your bid arrived. Because it did not, your bid was left as the highest bid, but your max bid was kept private in case the item should come up for sale again. Get more information on reserve price auctions on eBay HERE.

The auction has ended with an EARLY response

eBay, and some other auction sites, allow the seller to end an auction early if the item is no longer available. This auction ended early.

There is a complete list of the bid responses you may encounter HERE.

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