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Billing Problems

I do not want my service to renew. How can I end the rebilling on my Bidnapper account.

You can control the rebilling on your account by going MY ACCOUNT>ACCOUNT SERVICE page on Bidnapper. Find the END REBILLING button and click it. Your service will end with the current billing cycle. When you are ready to start using Bidnapper again, click the RESUME SERVICE button. You will retain your current rate and avoid any price increases as long as you use these buttons.

I need to update the credit card information you have for me.

We do not retain any credit card information. We use payment processors, like Paypal, to do this for us. If you need to update your credit card information, you would go to your Paypal account. Log into Paypal, then go to profile>financial information>credit cards. If you used a credit card directly with us, you can update your billing information with us when you make your next transaction. Just go to the SUBSCRIBE link at the top of the page after logging into your account and enter your new billing information. When the transaction goes through, your new billing information will be saved by our processor ready for the next time your account needs renewing or replenishing. If you do this within a brief grace period after a failed billing attempt, you will retain your current rate.

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