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Win eBay Auctions!

Why use Bidnapper, the Auction Sniper

Since 2001, Bidnapper has helped win millions of eBay auctions at the last second in a process called "sniping". UNIVERSITY STUDIES confirm sniping wins more eBay auctions.


  • Redundant system: multiple, dispersed bidding & database cloud clusters
  • Sniping eBay since 2001: 500,000+ registered users, millions of bids
  • Complete Privacy and Security: no need to reveal your eBay credentials
  • Free Trial, Free Service options, Free Mobile app: easy to set up and use
  • Unparallelled Technical Support
Snipe eBay auctions with Bidnapper to:
  • Win more auctions.
  • Keep your bids private.
  • Change or delete your bids without a hassle.
  • Hold prices down by not bidding throughout the auction.
  • Bid just enough to win your auction.
  • Place your bids automatically, in any currency, while you do other things.
  • Manage your bids on several auction sites in one convenient place.
As seen in

"Thanks - you guys are brilliant! I have had this subscription/service for a long time, and I'd kind of forgotten about it - not buy as much on eBay I suppose. There was an item I wanted today though, so I searched out this site in my bookmarks, was pleased to discover I had lots of credits left, and then seamlessly out-sniped everyone else contending for the item. Simply magic."

 - R.C. 3/7/23

"I would just like to thank for a job well done. I am so useless at eBay bidding. You made me feel like an expert! "

 - G.R. 11/15/22

An eBay auction sniper like no other!

Bidnapper's flat rate auction sniper service gives you unlimited sniping for one price. No percentage commission or per-snipe charge. No other costs. Pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The Bidnapper Auction Sniper System

  • Unique Sniper Software - Our software multiplies your chances of winning, at a lower price, on more auction sites than any other service.
  • Special Sniper Hardware - Unmatched speed, accuracy & uptime.
  • Simple User Interface - Our intuitive interface offers uncluttered convenience and control.
  • Advanced Bidding Tools - Mobile apps, Group bidding, eBay Security Key support, and more.
  • Snapper - Browser tool easily adds your bid directly from eBay.
  • Email Alerts - Tells you when your bids have been exceeded.

eBay is a registered trade mark of eBay, Inc. sniper is not affiliated with eBay, Inc.
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